Hi! Welcome to #trustmycoach! My name is Lucas Kruel and you will be training with me at the Advanced Level over the next six weeks and I am so excited to take this fitness journey with you!

Every week, I have prepared three full-body trainings and as a bonus, three more Boost Workouts that you can use at any time! Plus, you have access to my warm-up drill that you can incorporate before every session! You can also check out our #TMC exercise library and create your own training!

During the #trustmycoach program, make use of all the information that the #TMC team and I have provided for you. Check out our nutrition and sleep guides, my weekly blogs, the pro live workouts and join the #TMC family on our social media threads!

So, give it all that you’ve got over the next six weeks and you will see results! You will feel better, stronger and healthier; and I am here for you all the way! Let the games begin!

Training Materials

You don’t need any fitness equipment. You will only be using your body! However, it is recommended that you always have a bottle of water and a yoga mat or towel is helpful too!